The idyllic island of Ruissalo is where Sami's  studio is located. A unique private venue available for hire.

Yrtti lasipurkissa ikkunalaudalla

‘My studio is where you get to the core of my cooking philosophy, hands-on. All ingredients are foraged right by the courtyard or by the sea. Dining hall is a suitably bohemian hall with sea views. Let go, unwind and make unforgettable food memories.’

  • The hall of Sami’s Ruissalo venue, functions as a stunning setting for private events. Be it a party, an important meeting or negotiation, special reception or a graduation celebration - anything can be arranged!


  • Hosting a private event at the stylish hall is an experience to remember. The building is an experience in itself, let alone the fact that a large part of the wild ingredients used for the menus are foraged in the immediately surrounding nature.


  • Sami's studio is only reserved for private hire. It works as an elegant setting for meetings or workshops and transforms to host a special party. The ultimate goal is to create events where memories are made and where, at the end, guests leave energised and bursting with inspiration.