Sami's books

Sami has authored a respectable pile of cookbooks. In addition to recipes, the books provide insightful information about wild food, different diets and the health benefits of whole foods.

Sami Tallberg puutarhassa

‘My books are an important part of my ikigai, my purpose in life and my passion. I have written each one to invite everyone to the incredible world of natural treasures. The books are comprehensive, clearly laid out and inspiring. The reader is presented with new perspectives into the unique characteristics of wild ingredients, with guidance on how to cook spectacular seasonal food.’

  • Sami’s food philosophy, spanning his creative recipes and impressive expertise, has been thoroughly captured in the books that Sami regularly writes and publishes.


  • Even the cookbooks are more than just recipes. They are non-fiction masterpieces, uncovering an impressive amount of information about the various wild foods offered by Finnish nature. They are particularly rich on insights about wild herbs and wild salads. Sami’s books are beautifully illustrated and visually delicious.


  • The Wild Herb Cookbook (Villiyrttikeittokirja in Finnish) is one of the best-selling Finnish cookbooks. It is also available in English. A new edition of this sold-out book will be published in early 2021.
Villiyrttikeittokirja 2019

WILD HERB COOKBOOK (available in English)

Learn to identify, pick and cook with over 100 wild herbs. Each herb is introduced in detail, together with a recipe. Truly impressive!

Villisienet - Tunnistusopas


Learn to identify and cook with 72 mushrooms. Detailed photographs and expert knowledge by the Finnish wild mushroom guru, Lasse Kosonen. In Finnish only. 

Makuparit - suomalaiset raaka-aineet


Master the edible wild ingredients available in Finland. Complete with tips on when to pick them for optimal quality and availability. In Finnish only.