Supernatural Catering

Sami’s nutrient-dense superfood wins the hearts of carnivores, flexitarians and vegans, as well as any experienced gourmand that may be thinking that they have seen everything. 

Seurue istuu pöydässä syömässä hyvää ruokaa
’Supernatural Catering offers completely unique, memorable food and flavour experiences. My catering menus are always based on seasonal specialties and they are ‘Biohacker-proof’. All plant ingredients are organic, all fish and meat is wild. All spices are foraged in Finland or at the very least organic.’
  • Supernatural Catering by Sami Tallberg covers anything and everything from breakfast to dinner and from meetings to launch events. The menu is always tailored and tweaked to match the unique nature of the event. It can include wild, Finnish game or sustainably caught wild fish, or it can be completely plant-based.


  • Any menu can always be planned to take into account any special diets such as keto, gluten free, paleo or vegan.

Cosmic Breakfast

Next-level breakfast with new flavours, new combinations and new energy!


Funkadelic lunch

This menu ensures that lunch will be the best moment of your day!


Intergalactic Dinner

You didn't know that something like existed: out-of-this-world dinner!

Hauki ja vuodenputki-annos lautasella

Wild As Fuck

Dinner doesn't get wilder than this (in a good way). Are you ready?

Peltokanapasta lautasella

Sexy Vegan Buffet

Let yourself go and surrender to pleasure! This menu is an insanely delicious explosion of all the senses. 


Biohacker’s Choice

Nutrient-density is key, but equally important is flavour and aesthetics. This menu is a pleasure to make.