Foraging and cooking courses

Sami runs popular courses and lectures about wild herbs and mushrooms. Other topics include biohacker food, superfoods,  ketogenic and vegan foods.

‘During my courses I share all the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered to help everyone get started. At the end you will understand the wild food concept between us humans and nature, you will see food everywhere, recognise wild plants and mushrooms and learn how to cook with them. My aim is to change the rest of your life!’
  • Included in Sami’s wild repertoire are courses and lectures about wild herbs and mushrooms as well as wild food in general. His other regular topics include biohacker-proof food, superfoods or even ketogenic or vegan diets.


  • All courses or lectures can be tweaked and tailored to suit any needs or wishes. It can be anything from a one-day foraging course in nature at any location to a joint cooking session (perhaps after a foraging trip!). Sami’s private venue in Ruissalo is also perfectly suited for cooking classes for as many as 10-25 people.


  • Perhaps you would like to have Sami Tallberg speak about the health benefits of whole foods at an event or fair, or at a team day.