Biohacker’s Choice

Nutrient-density is key, but equally important is flavour and aesthetics. This menu is a pleasure to make. This menu is testimony to the versatility of biohacker food.


Cold-pressed hemp juice and a handful of the hottest food supplements

Red cabbage and wild rose with rhodiola

Kimchi, black rice and basil 

Mushrooms flavoured with garlic and black sesame

Courgette with salted lemon and mint

Kale, porcini and mixed nuts


Rare breed chicken, savoy cabbage, chestnuts and neurolipids OR Wild fish, probiotic hollandaise sauce and beetroot

Pistachio and olive oil cake, clementine nice cream and lavender honey OR Banana, sesame-cacao, honey and Ceylon cinnamon

Chicory or chaga coffee Date chocolate and sea salt crystals