'The wilderness is my sanctuary'

Join Sami on a foraging trip to nature! You will experience and learn tons about wild herbs, mushrooms, healthy food or even biohacking.

Sami Tallberg naureskelee iloisesti

‘Trust your instinct and let nature and its healing powers take you on a tour. In nature we can be ourselves, without the B.S. of daily routines, without pretense, norms, assumptions or misunderstandings. It is The Place to be exactly who we are.’

Returning from his foraging trips Sami brings along what he has seen and experienced in nature. His aim is to pass it on through his recipes, catering, books and even his encounters with people. His vision is to recreate these magical nature experiences and deepen the connection to nature for everyone. 

Sami’s approach is to direct his soulful energy, attention and creative thinking on the details of each event he is involved in. The result is a sensual, delicious and inspiring event.

With over 10 years of experience Sami runs comprehensive and inspiring workshops and lectures on wild herbs or wild food in general; either while foraging in nature or in a teaching kitchen. 

Sami is available for events anywhere in the world. So far his magic has reached 20 countries worldwide. For a list of some of Sami's clients to date, click here. Sami operates off the picturesque island of Ruissalo, in Turku, Finland. This is where his bohemian Kingdom of Heaven private venue is available for hire. 

Over the years Sami has (gratefully) received several awards and media attention. Read more here.